New York Minute TV

Got a Minute? Lauren Boyle, of DIS Magazine, chats about "DISown", a show that combines art, design, retail, and more, at Red Bull Studios, near the Highline in NYC. Thru April 6th.

Write of Passagepresented by Mass Appeal and Red Bull Studios, explores graffiti culture from its infancy in NYC and Philly, where “writers” covered subway cars and walls; to its breakout moment of today, where artists like Banksy receive worldwide media coverage.  Curator Sacha Jenkins explains the origins of graffiti, and its place in the world today.

Natalie White munches ice cream and contemplates her role as muse, artist, and general naked person.  At Rox Gallery, where the show “Who Shot Natalie White?”, curated by Gregory de la Haba, was a breakout success.

Rox Gallery Director Emerald Fitzgerald chats about “Who Shot Natalie White?”, a wide-ranging show of works focusing on Natalie White: muse, siren, artiste.  Artists participating include Peter Beard, Will Cotton, Spencer Tunick, and Ms. White herself. Curated by Gregory de la Haba.