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New York artist Karl Kotas at Fountain Art Fair NYC 2013

Artist Chris ‘Smitty’ Smith, of Greenpoint’s GSpot Gallery, at Fountain Art Fair NYC 2013

Agni Zotis at Fountain Art Fair NYC 2013

Artist Agni Zotis's series of paintings , “Fire Walker”, was inspired by walking barefoot over hot coals. “I walked on fire last May, and this inspired a whole collection,” said Ms. Zotis. Was there any pain involved? “There was no pain,” said Ms. Zotis. “It was mind over matter.” Ms. Zotis’s work captures a bright flash in the brain that exists when one’s expected sense of pain is disconnected and etherealized, in a sense spiritualizing the function of physical discomfort. Ms. Zotis likens it to “transcending space, matter, self, and concept.” A kinesthesia of the soul, if you will.

Ms. Zotis, whose paintings were hanging at the Creamhotel booth, has created an elegant follow-up to her most recent show, “Bathroom Confessions”, at Fountain during Miami Basel in December. She half-jokingly offered that her next body of work would be a study of Buck Rogers, the Saturday morning cartoon hero space-traveler. So fire, water, and air, all the elements molded into one powerful trajectory, heading straight into our planet’s future.

Andy Warhol was a dick

"He was a nice person, he was likable, but he’s given credit for having done things that he NEVER, EVER, did." -Paul Morrissey

Playground Detroit presents “Sausage Party” at Brooklyn Fireproof East

Conceptual Geographies/Frames and Documents, Selections from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection, at Columbia University’s Wallach Gallery

Artist Drew Leshko, who calls the hip Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia home, talks about a vanishing landscape.  From December’s Pulse Art Fair, at the Ice Palace in Overtown, Miami, during Art Basel Miami Beach week.

Miami artist Asser Saint-Val discusses his work, including the amazing new project, “Art in the Sky”.