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"Find what you like, …and let it kill you…"

In honor of Father’s day, here is Kinky Friedman, the biggest mother of all, performing at the Highline Ballroom in New York City.  Kinky and The Texas Jewboys were a seminal band in the ‘70’s, with such hits as ‘They Ain’t Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore’, ‘Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in Bed, and ‘Ride ‘Em Jewboy’. 

Cute story-got a minute?  I was an habitué of the old Lone Star Cafe on 5th Ave. and 13th St in the Village back in the late ‘70’s early ‘80’s, and one night, I met Kinky while he was ‘cleaning up’ after a set by Rick Danko and Levon Helm, that featured surprise special guest Bob Dylan.  Kinky was belligerent and foul-mouthed :)  As I left with my girlfriend (who knew Dylan since childhood and called him ‘Bobby’), my brother, Kim Wilson from The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Dylan, Dylan turned to a somewhat forlorn Kinky and said, “Well, at least you still got that Jew stuff going for you.”  And those words still ring true today.  

So in honor of Kinky’s father, Tom, and my father, Herb, and all the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day.  And please keep that Jew stuff coming, Kinkster.